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Western Pennsylvania's Leading Source Of Professional, Certified Pittsburgh Home Inspectors

The purpose of PRO-ASHI is to promote professionalism and excellence within  the home inspection industry. You can trust your PRO-ASHI Certified Home Inspector to bring personalized, exceptional service and expert knowledge encouraging smart decisions and peace of mind in your home buying experience. Members strive to provide all parties in a real estate transaction with comprehensive and unbiased reporting on the condition of residential and commercial properties.

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Inspecting Your Pittsburgh Home Inspector: All Inspectors Are Not Created Equal

PRO-ASHI has a PA Home Inspectors Law Certification Compliance Program open to all member inspectors. This allows Realtors and home buyers the security of knowing their inspector is compliant. The effects of using a non-compliant home inspector can range from obviating the home inspection resulting in breech of contract to exposing all parties to legal liability. Click Here

We Speak House!

This means that PRO-ASHI's members know how to interpret what your home is trying to tell you. Let our members give you an intimate introduction to your home.

Members are trained to objectively communicate to you what the house has to say. PRO-ASHI members have demonstrated technical proficiency and report-writing skills, and they have committed to continuing education in order to achieve and maintain their member status.

Members are committed to conducting inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice; committed to abiding by the ASHI Code of Ethics and are dedicated to providing superior customer service. ASHI members deliver more than a home inspection, they deliver "The ASHI Experience".

PRO-ASHI Membership

All members listed on the PRO-ASHI Wheel Brochure are compliant with the Pennsylvania State Home Inspectors Law

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