Chapter Information

The following is a list of current PRO-ASHI members who have served in the past as "President of the Chapter" to the benefit of it's membership - 

  • Michael Ashburn
  • Bryan Cole
  • Thomas O'Connor
  • John Vaccarello
  • Ralph DeNinno
  • Glen Vernon
  • Richard Malin
  • Harry Thompson
  • Malcolm Whipkey
  • Brendan Ryan
  • Brian Mishler
  • Bruce Thomas
  • Ray Fonos
  • Milan Stanojevic

The roots of the PRO-ASHI Chapter started out circa 1985 with the first "some-what" formal meeting called, not by the local home inspectors, but by home inspectors from Philadelphia seeking to form a statewide home inspections group known as the Pennsylvania Association of Building Inspectors (PABI). About a dozen local home inspectors attended that meeting. This was significant because most of the local home inspectors had no idea there were that many home inspectors in the area.

Although PABI never got off the ground, eventually discussions began about formalizing the group and aligning with a national or statewide organization. Many of the local home inspectors were opposed to such and alignment and many even objected to a formal local organization. When it was finally decided in 1987 to attempt to become an official chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors many of those objecting left the group. But, the fledgling chapters problems were only beginning.

ASHI's requirements for official chapter status were many and the local group was finding difficulty meeting those requirements. For one thing, ASHI required a minimum of 4 members in good standing to man the officer positions. Pittsburgh had only three. In a meeting in 1987, ASHI past president Gerald Loesh informed the group ASHI may waive the 4 member requirement and allow 3 member officers. The group was on its way, but a things moved slow.

At the 1988 ASHI Conference in Orlando, Florida, Glenn Vernon was recognized as the Chapter President and Chapter Director and invited to attend the ASHI Board meetings as an observer. It was not until May of 1989 that PRO-ASHI was officially notified and recognized as the 14 th chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Since then both ASHI and PRO-ASHI have grown, as well as the home inspection profession. PRO-ASHI has made great strides in the promotion of our profession. The Chapter was actively involved in writing and reviewing the PA Home Inspection Law and is the leading organization for Home Inspectors in the Pittsburgh region.