Inspecting The Home Inspector

How you can Inspect the Inspector

You can fight back the next time one of your sales is wrecked by an inspector who doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. According to the Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition (PHIC) as many as 40% of home inspectors are not compliant with the PA Home Inspection Law. Some of these inspectors may even be on your own office list. The tools to check the status of inspectors may be found in ‘Inspecting the Inspector-Instruction Sheet’ included in this website. 

Here is the problem we face; the PA Home Inspection Law (Section 7510) provides a buyer the right of “positive presumption.” When an Inspector says that they are compliant, you can’t be sure that they are compliant . Imagine the Internal Revenue Service adopting a policy that they believe anything that they are told. No audits, no W-2’s, 1099’s, nothing . If it is on the paper, they believe you. Except for the honest people like you and me, the IRS would have a compliance problem. 

The ‘PA Home Inspection Law’ does not afford a Realtor that same positive presumption. The Act invokes “Fair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law” provisions. As you look at the way most Realtor office “inspector lists’ are prepared, the inclusion of a non-compliant inspector could provide an attorney with the argument that due diligence was not done on the part of the Realtor. Association membership, experience and insurance requirements must all be met for each inspector. 

If there is a claim made against a non compliance inspector; do you want your E&O to be the “next best thing” for an unhappy buyer and their attorney? 

Instruction Sheet 


PRO-ASHI has a PA Home Inspectors Law Certification Compliance Program open to all member inspectors. This allows Realtors and home buyers the security of knowing their inspector is compliant. The effects of using a non-compliant inspector can range from obviating the home inspection resulting in breech of contract to exposing all parties to legal liability.


  • Full membership in a compliant Home Inspection Association

  • Experience Qualifications

  • Insurance coverage