PRO-ASHI Brochure

Your clients rely on your advice to help them with many difficult decisions, including who should do their home inspections. As a real estate professional it is important for you to have pool of talented home inspectors that you can trust to help your client make smart decisions.

PRO-ASHI has developed the Home Inspector Wheel Brochure to aid you in identifying qualified home inspectors. The Wheel brochure is a list of all PRO-ASHI members that you can give your clients. All of the home inspectors listed on the wheel are compliant with the Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law.

You can trust your PRO-ASHI Home Inspector to bring personalized, exceptional service and expert knowledge encouraging smart decisions and peace of mind for your client.

Click here for the whell of PRO-ASHI Home Inspectors or Click Here to search for a home inspector.

If you would like to order the brochure in bulk and have it delivered to you office please click here.